Saturday, 22 December 2012

December is a busy month! :)

December 2012

These are some things that makes us busy. There's a contest every month of December. It's the decorating contest  for the whole school. Each class will join the contest and the most beautiful room will win. We enjoyed this contest because we develop how to work creatively, clean the room well and have fun with friends and classmates.


This is one of our room decorations. We call this our Christmas tree made out of cups from the coffee machine. The lights and gifts gave more meaning at our decoration. We took a lot of time to finish this. Yet worth the hardwork! Most of the cups are collections and the others are specially bought to finish this. :) 

Our another decoration, it is made of crack eggshells. Then different patterns with the help of glue and poured with glitters. Merry Christmas everyone! 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Our inspirations.

Meet Ma'am Janette Amogues. She's our grade six adviser. She is also our clever Math Head department. She's a good and lovable teacher.

Meet Sir Casilla. He's the Master teacher and our MSEP teacher. He teaches 6 sections. He' also the guidance councilor. He's kind and approachable. 

Meet Sir Dometita. Our EPP teacher. We help him in gardening. He's very good in planting, he knows a lot about plants. We salute you, Sir!

Those are just some of our teachers. We are all proud to have them at our school. We love them!

Friday, 14 December 2012

English month!

Last month, November 29, 2012 we celebrated the English month.There were some contests like choral recitation.We won the first place.! :) We also performed an intermission number. It's really fun there!